Vision – Gujarat Public School



Mission & Philosophy

BRG Group – a group dedicated to “working towards an educated society” caters to the educational needs of students by identifying their talents in various sports, cultural, scholastic and other co-scholastic areas since 1992. Apart from academics, we as a group whole heartedly believe in empowering youth through continuous exposure to sports and culture by blending modern with the tradition.

Excellence in education with a fine blend of activities is the motto of all our schools. We believe that children learn fast when they discover and do themselves. Here in our schools we give all prospect to discover their knowledge and get involved by doing activities themselves. Our students get National and International Level experience may it be in the field of education, media, cultural or sports.

The mission of Gujarat Public Schools is to provide sound education for multidimensional development of students with a commitment to excellence in teaching, which is responsive to regional, national and international challenges. We believe it is of utmost importance to encourage an all round development of all students. Our role is to equip them with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to achieve their goals and deal effectively with their life situations later on.

BRG Group is always in the forefront of providing quality education and takes the lead to try new initiatives. The Gujarat Public School campuses, are a place where students will build their capacities and their aspirations with the support of their teachers. It will be mix of hope for the future, interwoven with the traditions of GPS.