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Learning starts with small things always, Never mind, these small things will never let you feel small! You are still on your way Did you fall? Never mind, it will not hurt you forever You are still on your way Are you tired? Again, it’s not a big deal, there will be huge stones... Just [...]

Bakulesh sir

"A golden heart stopped beating. Hard working hands at rest, It broke my heart to see you go, God only takes the best." A wonderful mentor, an exemplary role model and a caring person, who had always guided us and motivated us to give our best. Until yesterday we could to hear your laughter. I [...]

Asma Shaikh

Asma Shaikh (GSEB AFT) EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION SKILL ------ HELPS VERBALISE EMOTIONS As we all are aware Communication is transferring information to produce greater understanding through different means of communication and all of these means are essential soft skills that are vital for successful career for everybody. In present times being able to communicate effectively is [...]

Online Classes: A Survival Guide

Online classes are a boon for schools during this pandemic and a big curse for students. Now if these classes are handled well by students then they truly become a boon for them as well.  Surprisingly, all the teachers have been harping about the pros of the internet during these pandemic times. This internet has [...]

Virtual School

A day in virtual school Bright sometimes, sometimes colourful; Intrigued by the digital world- From the bubble where we are now pearled! Of course we miss the good old days When in the school grounds we would run, But take notice of the brighter side Even this can be so much fun Good friends, good [...]

A for Apple to A for Application

 I need a mechanic to repair my scooter, I need an agent to book my rail tickets, urgently need a technician to refill gas in my AC. Come on Aunty, with all your contacts cant you help me get a curfew pass to go roam alone at wee hours?  Absurd, Weird, Unusual needs also – [...]

Let’s Face The Challenge

Virus has changed the way we approach our health. Though the world has come to a stop at times, the need for health care has not. Living continuously in the hormones of stress, fear and anxiety will only invite more diseases. So, here are some tips from  The Department Of Science to boost Your Immunity [...]


What are the things that you have always dreamt about accomplishing? Once again you must shift your inner consciousness to a place of limitless possibility. Yes..Miracle  is awaiting you in this realm of your life. I promise! It is also significant to point out that you have created whatever reality your physical body is capable  […]

Who am I

After stepping, into the new amazing world of dreams, from your mother’s womb, the first thing which the doctor need for you, is the date and time of your birth, your name and your parent’s name to create the first id proof on your name, your birth certificate. Then slowly you grew up. Many such […]


“HOPE is observing light in spite of being surrounded by darkness.” The gloomy clouds of COVID-19 struck our nation in the beginning of the year 2020. First time in the history, our country saw the phase of lockdown. It changed the way we live, we talk, we move, we breathe. All the faces got covered […]

Alumni student of Gujarat Public School – Atladara

I come from that era where we had limited access to internet. It was when I was in 10th std, that something called as WhatsApp was introduced. While we were awaiting our 12th std results, we used to discuss that we’ll now buy a cellphone that has WhatsApp application, unaware about the fact that such […]

A wave of optimism experienced during this pandemic

”There’s always two sides to the coin if you have the patience to see.” It is well quoted by Kathryn Budig. This is exactly what the pandemic has brought in with itself and what we all must introspect by looking at its positive end. When the world is busy criticising about the hardships faced during […]

A Virtual Reality

Gaming is a part of the lives of most people today. E-gaming is a new sport on the lips of youngsters. Adults are using smart phones for revisiting old games like ludo and chess. And some of the health conscious new breed of sportspeople are reverting to physical games and sports. There is a myriad […]


Schools across the globe had to embrace online education, in the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic. We grappled with Virtual Classrooms, E-learning content etc. – to keep the momentum of learning going on for our children. Though the concept of e-learning has been there since decades, we witnessed an e-learning boom, during this pandemic. Virtual classrooms […]

Covid-19 – The times gone and yet to come!

Life was going on as normal.  No one ever expected that a catastrophe is making its way to India too. There were pieces of information floating in media of an unknown new virus that had put down its foot in China.  There were rumors also making its way through real news.  Still the world did […]