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Covid-19 – The times gone and yet to come!

Life was going on as normal.  No one ever expected that a catastrophe is making its way to India too. There were pieces of information floating in media of an unknown new virus that had put down its foot in China.  There were rumors also making its way through real news.  Still the world did not expect what it should have!

Finally, the month of December 2019 did not come with good news.  The first confirmed case of Covid-19 disease caused by the novel Corona virus came out. Slowly and gradually it started to spread like wild fire and the infected increased by hundreds and thousands.  There was yet to come. The cases were not restricted within the boundaries of China and there was the first case to confirm this in Thailand.  India was also not left behind. The day of January 27, 2020 registered its first case in Kerala, India. Now there were no confinements that could hold the virus down.

There was confusion and panic all over the world.  It was the fear of the unknown.  This was the biggest challenge to the world to protect themselves from a strange and mysterious disease.

The death rates were alarming.  Disease was spreading at a rate that was unimaginable rendering all the modern research and science helpless.  The world was staring at the monster helplessly.  Roads went empty.  Schools, colleges, offices, shops, and markets were shut down.  For the first time in known-to-us history, there was declared a LOCKDOWN.  The population of 136 crore people in India were locked in houses voluntarily for a whopping 21-day as a measure against this still at large and unknown danger of Covid-19. By now, the world had already realized that they are hit by a pandemic.

This was just the beginning.  Apart from the health hazard, there was economic and mental struggle wriggling its way into the lives of the people. Initially, where for few it was a WE-time with their near and dear ones, and for others, it was a break from the monotonous and hard life that they had been living.  For a few days, it was like blessing in disguise where God gave you the permission to escape a disease just by being with your family and living a peaceful life.

However, the truth was yet to hit hard! When the movement was stopped, it could not be selective.  It brought a halt to everything.  Economy, travel, social life, education and so on.

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” A very famous quote by Martin Luther KingJr.  This is exactly what we did.  We found out small but effective solutions to fight this deadly disease.  Masks and sanitizers came into play. Ayurveda and Homeopathy was sought after medicines.  Healthy decoctions popularly known as ‘Kada’ was a part of everyday routine.  Ginger, Tulsi, Pepper, Lemon, Turmeric were the new superfoods.  Steam inhalation and washing hands an effective weapon against this terror. Education and work found online solutions. Scientists, doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, policemen, media professionals and cleanliness workers worked day and night to keep this disease at bay.

There were also people all over the world doing their bit to help people stay calm and emotionally stable.  This was another challenge to keep people away from anxiety and panic in this hour. There were programs on television and radio to keep people busy mentally so that they worry less about this huge risk right at their door.  There were nostalgic shows bought back on television to engage people positively as now the only way to stay safe was to stay indoors.

Every passing hour brought more fear than hope.  Slowly people started to realize that may be this is how we may have to live for at least some time.  Lockdowns were opened up with restrictions on movement at large.  Social distancing was the new normal.  Masks were now a fashion statement.  Small and big shops started to open. Schools were already educating on online platforms.  Offices were working from home.  So the society gradually adapted to the new environment.

Though we have found alternative solutions to the big threat, the threat is still there.  Scientists have been working tirelessly to find vaccines and medicines as a permanent cure to this new danger which is now at least not completely unknown.

We need to keep patience, faith and hope.  We should follow all the precautions that have been prescribed to us till we do not find a sure-sure solution.  We shall have to go one day at a time till clarity is achieved. Keep yourselves updated with the latest news but keep away from rumors. Do not fail to extend a helping hand where required and when possible. We need to follow social distancing but need not distance ourselves from the ones who need us.  Be compassionate.  Admire even the smallest help extended towards you. Appreciate all the efforts being made in the direction of defeating this disease. Take time to listen and understand others.  Make positive use of the time that the situation has provided you.  Let not negativity bind you.  It is almost a 1-year anniversary since the first case of Covid-19 hit India.  Have a lot of faith. Do not forget to pray. Prayers are strong. If God has brought you this far, he will take you further also. Search for the silver lining in the dark cloud. Be optimistic!

Covid-19 – The times gone and yet to come!