School Life – Gujarat Public School

School Life

“We believe it is of utmost importance to encourage an all round development of all students. Our role is to equip them with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to achieve their goals and deal effectively with their life situations later on. School is always at the forefront of providing quality education and take the lead to try new initiatives. It is a place where students will build their capacities and their aspirations with the support of their teachers. It is a mixture of hope for the future, interwoven with the tradition of GPS.

Excellence in education with a fine blend of activities is the motto of our school. We believe that children learn fast when they discover and do themselves. Here in our school, we give all prospect to discover their knowledge and get involved by doing activities themselves. Our students get National and International Level experience, may it be in the field of Education, Media, Cultural and Sports.

We cater to the educational needs of students by identifying their talents in various sports, cultural, scholastic and other co-scholastic areas.

Our teachers are our prized possession. Teachers at our GPS campus are highly qualified and compliment all the available facilities at the school. Teachers are here as guides, mentors and friends, helping them to fight their battles to live their dreams.

Developing a positive attitude with continuous growth in students is always at the heart of every teacher. Teachers have a progressive approach towards evolving new and innovative teaching aids and we make sure that positive attitude is sustained in them through workshops, exchange programs, training, seminars and other activities on frequent basis. In short, we want Gujarat Public School students to be armed with the best of the exposures in different areas and enable them for their journey from  CAN I…… TO I CAN !!!

School caters to the 360o development and provides a conducive environment in which every child will be loved and cared for.

For the holistic development of our students, we have all the required infrastructure support which includes.

  • Well equipped libraries
  • Sports : Indoor – Outdoor games facilities
  • Smart Classrooms
  • Science Labs
  • Computer Labs
  • Art, Dance and Music Studios.

Sports and Culture are integral parts of learning at Gujarat Public School. Our students participate in a wide array of sports events and cultural activities. They will be inducted into various arts – so that they develop graceful expression through Dance, feel the ecstasy of Music, emote through Drama and express their abstract feelings through painting. Students  are given firsthand experience to celebrate the vibrant Indian culture through celebration of festivals. Field trips and other educational trips are arranged at regular intervals in order to develop the other life skills of our learners. Perhaps one of the most outstanding feature of ours is International Student Exchange Programs which give the students an ideal opportunity to experience world cultures.