Admission Form – Gujarat Public School

Admission Form

Rules and Regulations: (Please read carefully)

  1. Issue Of Admission form is no guarantee for admission.
  2.  Based on the admission procedure and interactions, students are granted admission subject to vacancy. The student must meet the prescribed criteria of age limit arid should be medically fit as per the prescribed school standards. Admission will be confirmed only after the submission of the required documents especially the original leaving certificate/ transfer certificate of the previous school, The L.C./T.C. has to be countersigned by the concerned education board in case of change of state or change of Board.
  3. Fee is to be paid before the 10″” day of every month. A late fee of Rs. 10 per day Will charged thereafter, School is not obliged to give fee  reminder If found that lee is unpaid. the student’s name may be deleted from the general register and admission fee will be charged again if the student wants to continue. fee once paid is neither refundable nor transferable.
  4. Having understood that students participate in all activities in house & outbound field trips for educational purposes, as a part of the regular school program. All in house & outbound activities (trips etc.) would be supervised by staff or responsible adults who will exercise all reasonable caution. However. the parents and guardians agree that the school or school board cannot accept responsibility for accidents either at the place Of activity or en route.
  5. Meeting all financtal responsibilities with respect to admission of the child In the sc:hool and meeting all the eligibility requirements for admission to the standard applied for
  6. Adhering tc changes. if any. in the standard terms and conditions of the school from tirne to time, as circumstances may require.
  7. Accepting that the decision of the school management shall be final and irrevocable.
  8. Supporting the school in enforcing all its rules, students’ dress & behavior code.
  9. The school reserves the right to revoke the admission / strike the name off the register of a student, on the grounds of a questionable sense of propriety and decorum on the student’s or parent’s part,
  10. I have read the school policy & will read the circulars as and when given and abide by them. I follow the communication channel laid down by the school. I/We hereby declare that I/We have read the form thoroughly. The information given in the form is authentic and true, l/We agree to abide by the existing rules and regulations as well as the other rules framed therea fter by the authority.